Cloud Storage

Why you should start using cloud storage right now

Throw a stone in a crowd and you’ll hit someone who has watched their hard drives go to the grim reaper. As much as I love technology, the sad truth is that its often imperfect. Hard drive crashes, file corruptions, accidental deletions, you name it, its happened to the best of us. Its a traumatic experience to lose your files. Few things in the world can compare to having to redo 8 hours of your work from scratch.

If you’re already using cloud storage, good on you! If cloud storage sounds intimidating to you, don’t be. Its remarkably simple to understand and get started with. In fact, you might already be using it in some form. When you’re on your Mac, iCloud is your cloud storage for photos, music, contacts and more. If you’re holding an Android phone, all your phone numbers are already stored in the cloud so you’ll never ask for a number again even if your phone gets lost.

Cloud storage is simply keeping your files with a third party in multiple servers. This key difference compared to just saving your files in your hard drive brings a ton of benefits.

Never, ever lose them

Its the digital equivalent not putting all your eggs into one basket.

Keeping your files on your computer, and then keeping a backup on another hard drive is good, but is vulnerable to disasters like fire. If your files are on the cloud, and if something happens to your computer, recovering your files is just a matter of letting your new machine re-download whatever was lost.

If you’re thinking What if my providers server crashes?, they’ve also got the same data hosted on multiple computers. Its the digital equivalent of not putting all your eggs into one basket.

Bonus tip: most providers support versioning. You know the R1 R2 R3s people like to append to their file names to keep multiple versions? Cloud storage providers typically already keep backups of your file versions so you can find an old version if something happens.

Its always up to date

Were not married to a single machine. You probably use a laptop at work, and have a PC at home. Gone are the days of emailing yourself a file you just worked on so you can continue to use it at home. With cloud storage, its just working as usual, shutting down, and finding the most up to date version of your file at home.

The icing on the cake is when it comes to sharing. A folder can be shared and synced with multiple machines and multiple people, so that everyone is always looking at the same version of the file and working off that. You wont have to e-mail your friends or co-workers the files they need, you just share the folder with them.

Internet access = access to all your files

Having our files on the cloud lets us to access all our files on our phones, tablets, laptops, everywhere we go. This enables you to be far more flexible and agile in where and when you work. You wont be limited to the physical locations of your files. This convenience becomes an absolute godsend when you travel frequently.

Cloud storage really resonates with us because its a concept that inspired Packnada. If were able to have our files anywhere, we dreamt a dream that travellers could be just as agile and have their clothes wherever they were at.

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